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RuneScape GE watch, are watermelons a good item to invest in

Posted on December 3 2013

In RuneScape, watermelons are grown by farmers and used for making supercompost, paying a pineapple tree, and used in making summer pies. This RuneScape Gold grand exchange watch guide will look at watermelons and why they may be a good item to flip or hold long term.

Until the recent high level seed farming update, watermelons were the highest available allotment crop. RuneScape players would grow them in their allotments for faster farming experience. Now with snape grass and fly traps available, less melons are being grown.

A new use for watermelons has been added; 10 watermelons pays the farmer to watch over a potato cactus. There is only one cactus patch, so not too many watermelons will be spent on that.

Since the farming update, watermelons rose from 40 each to 60 each on the grand exchange, but since have hovered in the mid 50 gp range. It is unclear if this is from residual quantities, RS Gold players dumping their stock thinking its a good time to sell, or just because players aren't aware that melons are no longer entering the game as fast.

Watermelons would have to sell for approximately 400 coins each for farmers to break even, assuming a run of 24 seeds (8 allotment patches) produces 120 melons.

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