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Blade And Soul - Dead in 18 months

Posted on January 23 2016 in game

Tons of people are playing now. PVP is pretty much broken for anyone less than level 45. We all are in a rush to end game. We will enjoyCheap Blade And Soul Gold the gank fest as long as we can at 45. We will do the dailies and arena, and all that PVP can offer. Then (after a few months) everyone will get bored, quit and move on. The servers will merge, some sort of new life will come into play with a new expansion pack, and then Blade and Soul will go the way of Aion... all within 18 to 24 months.

Sorry guys, great game and great fun. But this game was meant for PVP. And players are content. Players are all the content for PVP. The broken PVP at launch forced us to end game, where we will get bored quickly. Ya messed up. Great game killed again by lack of planning and doable PVP for all levels.

Also no real events like fort sieges, capture the flag etc... as far as I can see. Its pvp with no point, other than pvp. Which is fine and all, but from where I stand I don't see much. I am rushing to end game as fast as I can, so I can pvp. After that if there isn't much more to the game I'll get bored and move on quickly.

If I could pvp and stand a chance at my current level (now 31) I'd take my time and enjoy the game in a leisurely pace. You'd keep me longer. As it is its a rush to get to the end.

This game isnt all pvp and just because u dont like the pvp dosent mean the games gonna die....
Also u can make suggetsions instead of stating the negatives

the pvp isn't broken, what are you talking about- i'm only lvl 25 and i've been having a hell of a time with it. and you do realize that there'll be content and level Cheap Blade And Soul Gold cap updates eventually, right? you can pvp and do well with it way before you get to the endgame content, rushing to get to the end just because you can't stomp on everybody you meet is all on you. :U

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