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Character Creation on Specific Servers Restricted

Posted on January 18 2016 in Buy BNS Gold

We’re Cheap BNS Gold excited to have had such an incredible beginning to the Blade & Soul Head Start period for Founder’s Pack owners. While we’re continuing to monitor the game service, by and large the only service issue we’ve been tracking has been that a large number of people are congregating on just a couple servers out of all of those available, resulting in some high wait times to play on those servers. To help ensure player populations are evenly spread out across all servers, we will be Buy BNS Gold implementing a rotating schedule that will restrict the creation of new characters per server. Please see the below schedule for the times in which new characters cannot be created for each server.

This only affects players that do not have existing characters on the restricted servers. We’ll be continuously evaluating the rotating schedule and adjusting accordingly.

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