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Concept Art, Comic-Con 2010

Posted on January 14 2016 in gaming

So, Team Bloodlust was kind enough to drop off some concept art for us today! Some of you may have already seen it posted on MMOSite. The translation seemed a little lackluster over there, so Yuan took the liberty of translating the original article in all its glory, enjoy!
Concept Art Ideas!
Here's a little taste of what we've been up to when we have some time off.

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Deserted Town
This town has high structured building and used to be lively at one point but is now a deserted wasteland. We originally wanted to make this area a city, but shortly changed our minds and found it suitable for creepy monsters!

Floating Burner
Remember the Death Star in StarWars? Well, we got this from that. We felt like there should have been something capable of causing mass destruction. This place would work well as a dungeon, a planet destroyer that holds a dungeon!

Frozen Chong-Gak-Dan Headquarters
The whole headquarter is frozen so you'll be able to just walk around the frozen waters and even go up to the boats to take a look at them.

Polluted Ocean
The ocean is polluted from sunken ships to rotten corpses. It could be used as a under water dungeon! The mission? To clear out something that is polluting the ocean and to make it clean and pure once again!

Beautiful isn't it? This epic world will soon be yours.

Hope the coming summer is good for you all, and we'll return with some more good news soon.

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