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I believe one has to be a masochist to work for MapleStory Nexon for any length of time

Posted on January 28 2016 in game

I believe one has to be a masochist to work for Nexon for Cheap MapleStory Mesos any length of time.

From what I can see the company does not provide any of its people - developers, testers, CS/GMs, CMs - with the tools and methodologies to do their jobs properly. That's in addition to failing to hire enough people in the first place.

This is why we see new content that is released with serious bugs in it, bugs that take forever to get fixed (if they are fixed at all), bugs that recur after being patched, new events that can be exploited the exact same way as previous events, wasteful resource-hogging code; failure to deal with cheaters; false bans; undeserved unbans; events that are useless or even harmful (looking at you, Ghostly Glow Bells); and a CM who, despite working even during his off-time, still can't keep up with the topics that keep coming up in these forums and the subreddit.

It's not the staff's fault. I'm sure they are mostly trying their best (except for the ones that are burnt out from working too long under these conditions). But the company needs to allocate the resources, if things are ever to take a turn for the better.

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