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It's a holdover from the Blade And Soul Asian clients

Posted on January 25 2016 in game

Nice way of basically saying "Just because. There's no reason for it." Halcyon.
I presume the idea is to stop account hackers from deleting characters. Which is hilarious, because people who hack accounts use them to bot or strip them and their storage to sell in the AH before fleeing.

So...I have no idea. Just another bizarre design decision for the white knights to Blade And Soul Power leveling defend from criticism.
usually there isn't . :B but your reason sounds much better so let's just go with that instead c';

It's a holdover from the Asian clients. In those markets, it's more common for people to play from public computers (e.g, netcafes), so the extended deletion time serves as an extra safeguard against losing characters should a player leave themselves logged in. Of course, that's completely unnecessary in the NA and EU clients since we play almost exclusively from private computers. It's really bizarre that this wasn't adjusted for the game's localization.

Its very depressing they did it just to combat acccount theft and bots. Yet they couldnt just add a captcha feature or email recognition?
Considering the fact that i could be playing on a low pop server Blade & Soul Items right now if they would let me delete my KFM

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