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pached with the Blade And Soul hotfix still "temporarily unavailable" at marketplace.

Posted on January 28 2016 in game

We've provided a status in the below thread:

I just sent a ticket before reading this Blade-Soul Gold and the response I got was working on a fix for a "FUTURE UPDATE" how far future are we talking here. I bought premium for the wardrobe alone and it seems to me saying a future update means next week, next month etc. and that bothers me. I am not one to gripe about a lot but I basically paid for the wardrobe and now am not getting it.

If it's something that will be fixed tomorrow or later tonight i can live with that but if this is something I am not going to have access to for a long while I find a problem there.
Not having access to my friend list is also problematic but something easier to live with

Rukkirii any updates are appreciated

I'm still having the issue too, even after the patch went live.
"An error has occurred. Unable to open Wardrobe"

pached with the hotfix (version 14 was it) and still "temporarily unavailable" at marketplace.
this is really getting on my nerves, wtf did you do to break a thing that has been working in korea for 5 years now. STOP MESSING WITH SHIT THAT DOESNT NEED TO BE MESSED WITH!

I can say that this is NOT a client fix, something has broken on the servers, cause I had not patched since yesterday and yesterday it was working and today it was still broken today when logging in.

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