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Question about premium/queue time

Posted on January 20 2016 in game

This isn't another rant thread! I have premium and am able to getBuy Blade And Soul Gold online very quickly on Poharan. Anyhow! I have a question about premium membership and queue times....Since it shows in the premium member benefits that premium members have priority queue time, I was wondering, did NCsoft intentionally make it so the game would be like this with queue times and kind of force players to buy premium if they actually want to play without queue time? If so....I think that really sucks and could eventually cause the loss of a HUGE player base, especially if the queue times stay as is...Was this an intentional act by NCsoft, or is it just because the game just launched that there are extremely high queues? I've played many other MMORPGs and know Blade & Soul Gold there can be large queues when they launch, but what made me wonder that this was different was the fact that there is a "Priority Queue" for premium members...It got me thinking :/

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