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The question of Anarchy and Order,as reflected in Blade and soul

Posted on January 25 2016 in game

Well the discussion about Anarchy and Order is always a popular one especially in philosophy.

Can we as a society truly function Cheap Blade And Soul Gold without Order or a government keeping things organized? The answer is yes. If our governments around the world were to disappear without anyone knowing, we'd be able to function normally as we have everyday until people start realizing that they don't have to do taxes anymore, people claim there would be chaos but since we have the police who aren't part of the government but part of the people, then yes we could police ourselves.

However in a world where you have absolute freedom but being unaware of your options, would you be able to know what to do with that freedom? In fact having options given to you is also restricting your freedom to those options. And so Cerulean Order decides that those in charge should be those who have more wisdom and experience and are able to decide the best options for you.

Which is why despite how appealing anarchy sounds, it simply won't work because there will always be those who will abuse their freedom and those who don't know what to do with it and aren't capable of moving forward without knowing their options and choices they are permitted. Plus it's better to have someone wiser and more experienced recommending what you need to do, much like a wise and experienced parent teaching their kids. But either way neither side is right or wrong.

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