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Two things about the last stream

Posted on January 9 2016 in Cheap Blade And Soul Gold

When i watched the last stream (Crafting & Launch) i noticed two things.

1. The new daily dash. They basically removed all means of gaining hongmoon coins from there. While i totally understand that the purple one was a bit overkill (which was like 10€ per rng..), i'm really disappointed that with the new system we only seem to be able to get 1 green (!) one from the whole board.
One positive thing tho... they seem to grant us every item we pass over once again, not only the one we land on (even tho, only 1/5 of the slots actually have items now).
I also noticed that the board has 100 fields. Which means that with the 5 daily rolls you get as a premium and an average of 4 fields per dice rolled, you will need about 5 days for completing the board, assuming you get to do every roll on every day of course. The new ending doesnt connect to the start again, so we dont really know if the board will even restart or if it will only reset monthly or something.You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

2. We got one more row of inventory. While this is actually great, it costs 50 bags alone. For one row. That means that the total cost for unlocking inventory space went up from 164 to 214 (assuming the bank didnt also get a new row!). Why do i mention this?
Well... that equals ~105€ per character, assuming the old prices - but let's be honest, i doubt they have changed. Which is insane. Honestly insane. I mean sure, the prices were pretty damn high all this time, but after i hit max level i got used to it. It wasnt so much of a big deal since i thought i could unlock it through hongmoon coins in a few weeks. Why am i writing this? Well, i for my part did not get a single hongmoon token from any of my daily chests, and since the daily board can pretty much be completely ignored for hongmoon coin income now, i'd like to ask how many hongmoon coins you got roughly per daily or per 100 dailies so we can roughly estimate an average.
Dont get me wrong, while i'm a bit disappointed (even tho i agree they had to lower hongmoon income from daily dash drastically), i'd just like to know what i have to expect from dailies. So people who farmed the f out of them in cbt would be appreciated to post their findings.

Oh and before people start complaining, i know that for the same amount of bags you still get the same amount of inventory space. I do also know that all but the last 3 rows are pretty cheap, but still.

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