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Blade And Soul is based on wuxia from what I read

Posted on February 1 2016 in game

so, are all costumes gonna be like this
I usually play a female character and, well, like picking Blade And Soul Gold a good outfit, mix and match outfits ...
I accepted the fact you can't combine outfits but all the outfits that are coming out seem to be someones fetish...

Even tough they look ok on first glance, when you buy them and use them, after a while you realize the inconveniences. Either it's to short or some pieces are just missing with no reason aside just to show more skin. You don't even realize that the first time you look at the costume. Even after you find out and you want something different, there aren't really any good choices
So many people bought blue porcelan one of the more acceptable costumes, the skirt is to short tough but i might buy it to because there is not that much to buy.

Thought we will have better outfits later, but from what i see posted on the forum from other version of the game they seem to be the same. (long t-shirt for valentine? really?)

The costume I liked the most in beta, was removed from launch ( the one from premium shop bought with viridian stones). Why not give us all costumes from the start? Are they hard to translate? or maybe you just want to reuse them every year as a special offer instead of adding new costumes

Also this game is based on wuxia from what I read, the same as moonlight blade. Why are the costumes so different between these 2 games? Can't we get Blade And Soul Power leveling

more traditional costumes, or something people would actually were on the street?
Aion costumes and armor were also good. I understand bns has a different background but some current costumes are outside lore as well.

Well, don't mind me, just ranting.

Even if someone hears me out. By the time a good costume will come, I would probably be on the next game.

thanks for whoever reads this lol

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