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Blade & Soul is mind blowing

Posted on February 2 2016

Visually the game is mind blowing. Combat is Blade And Soul Gold fun (least on force master. not tried others yet).. but I keep getting forced to pvp to clear out two quests from my log a day ( And no you cannot accept then decline. they turn back into shimmering scrolls in the quest log) Now this was fine at low level. Felt even.. but now it's like "Oh a blade master. kthx" Stun locked forever and break free has quite a cooldown.

Now I am not a PvPer anyway so I don't care how broken things are.. I know there is one quest where you are forced to pvp to get the wall run ability.. Pure end game can I be purely PvE doing dungeons and world bosses? or will I have to pvp for hongmoon levels? (which I saw on blade and soul tree site. apparently they give you more skill points)

Please keep the trolling out of replies. My personal feelings on pvp are mine and I don't expect anyone to share the same view.

You don't have to pvp for the wall climbing quest, but you do have to equip your faction uniform and talk to an NPC. Some have avoided PvP all game (me :P), and have no problems.

I'm trying to rank up so I can do raids and stuff with my faction, but you don't have to PvP at all in endgame if you don't want to. I'm not sure about hongmoon levels though

Some of the good daily quests are faction quests and you need to wear your uniform for it but aside from 1 quest, it doesn't actually ask you to kill other players. These quests give you soulstones which is needed for alot of things. You can just buy them from AH but getting them is quite easy so I suggest you do them. I think after next patch there will be new dailies that are pve that gives soulstones.

As for the item required for wall run, you just need to wear your faction uniform and buy Blade-Soul Gold it for 50s in the faction area. I managed to buy it without doing any faction quests before.

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