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About the barbarian weapon of choice in Diablo 3

Posted on March 27 2013

First two passive, ruthless oppression and weapon master, the two basic is a must-have, barbarian high-explosive who are reluctant to give up. Since a weapon master, master effect to choose weapons. Main hand axe is commonly, hammer.

Dual wield: main hand: high white high explosive injury of Diablo 3 Gold. This whether or not to bring a vampire must according to their own specific conditions. BUG can put main hand in theory, but fear high effect is obvious, in addition to put the main hand deputy choose other weapons attack speed bonus to not so good, so don't recommend.

Deputy: high attack rate weapon. S bugs didn't appear, in theory the best off-hand dagger, but a dagger that modelling.BUG choose double critical or vampire will according to your specific situation, lack what fill what. Don't BUG do can choose 1.5 deputy high attack rate of white daggers (rare), or 1.4 sword attack rate. Spear the 1.2 attack rate, or don't do so well.

Hands: high white high-explosive two-handed axes or hammer, aunt is better choice at present, various properties are good. Cheap Diablo 3 Gold.Generally it is best to take a vampire. Because with my aunt in bulk, will be less a belt of vampire. Such passive 3 vampire don't alone, also take passive.

So recommend the vampire's aunt. Built-in explosive injury is higher, the best is more than 190%. 10 blast injury is equal to about 30 white, oneself can be reduced.

Immortal set + dw:

About 20 w, safe blood value is about 5.5. Because the belt has a vampire. So weapon a line with blood, and is not recommended on passive suction, 3 is too waste of skills.
If enduring set of 30 w can hurt, you can release a vampire again, all weapons with double suddenly and violently. Now more mainstream way is main hand with vampire, double critical BUG.

Play 3 suction generally will take tear, tear and not a moment to add blood skills, have a higher blood time, sometimes red blood in the tear has not had time to see the ancestors is not without.Diablo 3 Gold So is not can't use, hand stupid people carefully.

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