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Runescape bank pin

Posted on October 24 2013 in runescape accounts

After i crashed today now about an hour ago with my clan at corporal beast when i relogged i needed to bank now cant open my bank because of my bank pin so i entered the correct bank pin, now my account doesn't recoqnize my own bank pin, and it says i...

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Solomon's sale runescape

Posted on October 17 2013

Greetings, adventurer. All esteemed adventurers like savings, so step into my humble store. From tonight, I’m holding a spectacular sale! For the next seven days, I’ve discounted the majority of items on the store. Members and free players alike can enjoy...

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Some runescape is outdated

Posted on October 16 2013

Note: I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this forum. If there is any forum moderator that knows a better place to put this, please be my guest :) Hi there peeps. I know that many of you have noticed as well that some NPCs like, Scribe, Grand...

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Private messaging runescape bug

Posted on October 11 2013 in Runescape Gold

Attempting to send a private message to any name on my friends list results in this. I write down the message, press enter to send, and no message gets sent. I do not receive messages either. All other forms of chat work. I've attempted messaging with...

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Playing runescape multiple comps

Posted on October 11 2013 in rs gold

WHen i travel i play RS Gold in the hotel in the evenings on a netbook... one of this issues i have with the interface is when i go to open the daily challenges or another tab in the netbook i cant access the other tabs from the RS client... that part...

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