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Brazil discovered a new species of blind snake shape ugly

Posted on April 9 2013

This blind snake may seem a little disgusting, but scientists This is an exciting discovery. They believe that this blind snakes and salamanders, and frogs have a very close relationship. Atretochoana eiselti eyes do not see things previously been found in the Amazon River, warm and fast flowing water. Buy Runescape Gold.1968 was the first time in South America found that the snake. In 2011, it was only seen in Mosquito Island.

SAN Beijing time on August 3, according to foreign media reports,wow gold, if you are eating to see these photos,T.H.Capital maintain swim hold rating, please forgive me: Scientists in Brazil discovered a new blind snakes, it looks looks a little to make people nausea

this strange appearance of a snake was found in November 2011, but until today, scientists fishes they are correctly classified, confirmed that this is a very rare snake from 1968 first times found that since very few people have seen. In fact, Atretochoana eiselti and salamanders and frogs have a very close relationship, but from the appearance point of view, they are very much like a snake.

Julian Baxishengan Antonio energy companies in the construction of the dam – Figure Pan said: 2. might look like a snake,Runescape Gold, but they are not reptiles, and salamanders and frogs have very close ties. There are many mysterious unknown world breathing through their skin may be small fish and worms for food, but this is only speculation, has not been scientifically validated. the Amazon Basin in reptiles and amphibians always bears many startling discovery. us to explore. ) Ecuador found that the odd shape of the new species of sucker mouth catfish (Figure)

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