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Buy Cheap D3 Gold and Get Solutions for Improving Usability and Workflow

Posted on March 23 2013

It’s true that Diablo 3 game has been one of the most popular games all over the world. And now there are more and more people choose to join this game. Although Diablo 3 is a great game for players to enjoy, it also has some problems make players troubled. Whenever you have any problem, you can find a way on Diablocheap.

Lacking of Diablo 3 gold in game, you can buy cheap d3 money from our site. Troubled with problems in game, we will provide you helpful guides to solve all problems! Now, Diablocheap will share some solutions for improving usability and workflow with blacksmiths, jewelers and ID’ing!

Gold cost for crafting gems is ok. But the 3-second craft doesn't add value to the experience of crafting gems. Also, the process can be improved.

SOLUTIONS:1. Allow crafting of gems by batches of what's available. SHIFT-Clicking the crafting button will prompt you, how many gems of the same type you want created at once.

2. Reduce crafting time from 3 seconds down to just 1 second (or even 0 seconds!)

ID'ing is still time-consuming. Buy Cheap Diablo 3 Gold,Why ID 20 rares with 20 clicks in 20 seconds? ID'ing is also error-prone to some users. It's painful to accidentally swap gear during the ID'ing process.

SOLUTION:1. Change the ID'ing shortcut from Right Click (which is also the shortcut for hot swapping gear) to simply Shift-Click. Therefore, if I accidentally Shift-Click an item, it won't hot-swap. Instead, the item card will be displayed, and you're still safe.

2. Make the players happy by giving them the ability to ID everything inside their inventory. BEFORE: ID 20 rares with 20 clicks in 20 seconds ,AFTER: ID 20 rares with 1 click in 20 seconds (or less!)

When people salvage rares and legendaries by batches, the Dialog Box becomes a nuisance, and people get around it by simply pressing Enter on the Dialog Box to speed up salvaging. The purpose of the Dialog Box is gone, and accidents can still happen because of this.

SOLUTIONS:1. For Rares and Legendaries: The dialog box should appear near the mouse cursor. When you salvage a legendary, it will say:Do you want to salvage Manticore?Followed by the Manticore Item card,Followed by the OK / Cancel buttons

2. For Blues: Add another Salvage Button called "Salvage All Blues". So if I have 20 Blues in my inventory, I don't need to click 20 times just to extract Essences. It's time-saving!

Advantages: This is like deleting a picture in Windows. It displays the thumbnail and filename so that it's easier to decide. And the dialog is easier to access because it's near the mouse cursor -- there's no need to be tempted to use the Enter key.

I think you will get some help with these tips for your Diablo 3 and we will be very glad to provide you any help! For any need with Diablo 3 gold, welcome to Diablocheap! You will be able to get what you need all the time with us!

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