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Buy cheap Safe Diablo 3 Gold enjoy Patch 1.0.8

Posted on May 10 2013 in Cheap Diablo 3 Gold, Diablo 3 Gold

Blizzard has released the 1.0.8 Patch, while there is a big Bug so that players can duplicate gold through Auction House. The development team has to keep the gold and real-money AH in maintenance mode to fix bug. Meanwhile, Blizzard dedicate to looking out those players who take advantage of this bug to earn money. There is no doubt that some accounts would be banned forever. Although the AH still in maintenance, we are believed that BLZ would fix it as soon as possible. Well, Salediablo3 absolutely can guarantee you will get the secure Diablo 3 Gold at here.

Skill Changes - Changes have been made to multiple skills, including Rapid Fire, Firebats, Disintegrate, and Arcane Torrent. Most of the skills that provide Life regeneration had that effect doubled; for example, the Demon Hunter passive skill Brooding now provides 2% Life regeneration per second, instead of 1%.

Keywardens - The keywarden Nekarat now drops a random key, along with the recipe it has always dropped for the Infernal Machine. All keywardens are now only found in Inferno mode, not the lower difficulty modes.Monster Density Increased - One of the major changes in patch 1.0.8 is the increase in monster density, for characters in Inferno on Monster Power 1 or higher. Here is a look at just how many more monsters are around, in a video of a Monk on the PTR moving quickly through Act II areas.Cheap Diablo 3 Gold.

As we see, the new change of Multiplayer Co-Op has attracted most of old players come back. The bonus of experience and MF/GF means that we can get more gold and Diablo 3 Items with friends or in the public game mode. In addition, the density of monsters in ACT I, II and IV would bring us different gaming experience. Of course, it is high time to enhance your powerful now. At the same time, we have prepared sufficient safe D3 Gold in stock.

If you still upset with the process of upgrading paragon level 100, we will be your best choice to help you. As the most popular D3 service supplier, our solid customer foundation and sufficient delivering experience can ensure you enjoy the high quality service online. Concerning the increasingly of gold demand after 1.0.8 patch, we have stored abundant gold inventory. Huge amounts of Diablo III Gold for US, EU and Asia Servers online can guarantee you get the gold with instant delivery.

Of course, in addition to the cheap price that we still can promise the gold is produced by hand-word. As for our member, you should check the member points in member center. As long as your point is multiples of 100, you can exchange to our free gold right now. Recently, due to the AH in maintenance most of online Cheap Diablo 3 Gold store would delay the delivery. In salediablo3, we can make sure you will enjoy the service fast and easy. 24/7 live chat are pleased to serve you!

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