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Community Round Up, Mycheaprs

Posted on April 19 2013

Delve into Daemonheim with this weekend’s RuneHQ Dungeoneering Event! The competition will run from Friday to Sunday and you can check out all the details over on the RuneHQ forums.Runescape 2007 Gold.

Tip.It have released their Spring Clan Chronicle which covers a range of clan-related topics. If you’re an aspiring clan leader, you’ll find plenty of thoughts on the myriad aspects of running a clan from seasoned clan leaders.

Tip.It are also looking for a staff writer to join them in writing and editing articles. If you’re interested and would like to know more, drop Arceus a private message on the Tip.It forums.The RSBandB Podcast will reach 408 episodes this weekend, where the team will be discussing the new Castle Wars revamp, this week’s Behind the Scenes video, and answering listener questions.Runescape 2007 Gold. You can check out old episodes here or by visiting their iTunes page here.

Community Video.We have another great tune for you this week in the form of MGpny0’s remix of Temple Desecrated:If you were saddened to hear that our ‘Cook’s Assistant’ musical would not be appearing on a stage near you any time soon, worry not! Riddle Art has put his machinima skills to work and recreated your favourite songs in-game. You can check out his video here.

Fan Art.Elder Heart takes a time-out in this great photo, but who is that sinister figure in the background? Hopefully he’s sleeping with one eye open or he could find himself on a fast-track ticket to Edgeville!Runescape Gold.3D modeller Prince Zyloh has re-created every woodcutter’s best friend (well, this side of a dragon hatchet) in this homage to the humble rune hatchet. It slices (a bit) it dices (carefully) and it’s pretty handy at chopping ivy, too!

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