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In Runescape you is how to make money

Posted on April 6 2013

Runescape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the world in 2001 beta. Graphics and hardware in a very simple game, it is the most addictive and engaging game, it's time. The main game is a journey, your character gains skills, funds and complete various tasks in the online world, mini-games and tasks in the course of the game. Like all other MMORPG, Runescape according to their function in the game to earn Runescape Gold. How to make money in Runescape is an interesting question, spawned a variety of guides and tutorials, because the popular game. So go, because we need you through the game, to give you the best answer to how to make money in Runescape.

Commonly used methods to make money in Runescape
Some of the more common way to make money is open to members and non-members of praise. Obtained from the slaughter of chickens sold the most basic way to make money in Runescape feathers. Each chicken can make you 5-7 feathers, a large number of these feathers can make you money, because they are worth the download 3gp. Or you can even try some cows died, to pick their fur and sales of about 140-150GP. Or you can try to get some lobster fishing fast money in Runescape, it can get you around 300gp each. The common way is to answer the simple question the Runescape players minds, how to make money in Runescape some great and simple technology.

The member unique way to make money Runescape
There are some members of the ways to make money in Runescape, one of the most members of the account. If you need to answer how to make money in Runescape, you will find that it is roughly divided into a number of categories. First woodcarving, a concept, can get some simple Runescape gold in Runescape Magic logs. 1.2-1.3K price is a magic log, because they are difficult to obtain, a 75 logging. Killing is another good way to make quick money in Runescape Green Dragon, skills and the specific Longdun like weapons. However, if you are a guest, and attempt to Runescape, to learn how to make money, look no further than our next part.

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