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Master wisp edge property damage resistant relief research

Posted on April 20 2013

Diablo 3 Master damage has categories certainly, there is no "classless" damage. Weapon damage is divided into physical + additional elemental damage, when the weapon is a physical weapon, no element of additional damage, all calculated as a weapon itself damage. Cheap Diablo 3 Gold.Skill damage = physical value + element value, taking and subsequent conversion of all the types of skills specified element. Arcane bomb the duo stick physical and fire damage taken and then converted to Arcane.

Glow is the only weapon damage skills for Diablo 3 Master, can show physical and elemental effect ,such as electrical injury, have chance to stun Arcane damage with paralysis, with the flow of time to decelerate.

Most of the monsters has no resistance.

Diablo 3 PVP players has A and anti-A for all damage reduction, anti-decision as the hit the resistance of the body attribute corresponding to the damage reduction ratio. For example, a flower stick Master hit the players who Wisp players the damage, armor reduction, were calculated fire resistance and physical resistance, and then combined into a final injury.

The function of elemental damage on the weapons is similar with the effect of x% elemental damage improve on equipment to Diablo 3 Gold. Wizard thorn (additional Arcane damage), wearing a the crow head of Master, using glow attack the enemy, the enemy will be slowed down and the chance to be stunned. PVP damage reduction 30% (the Master Attack witch doctor).

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