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May friends system it with everyone that is not the same as

Posted on April 15 2013

May friends system it with everyone that is not the same as. When you enter, can be randomly assigned to more conducive to your game speed on the server. Runescape 2007 Gold.Maybe today you in Canada, tomorrow in the uk. But whether you login server from which, showing the buddy system, you can and its 171 server on any one server on the game player and as a friend, including members of the server and the same for the Jagex's FunOrb series. You can chat with friends.

It seems to me the expression system, expression system which can be comparable to world of Warcraft, of course, there is some need to specify the conditions to open. It has a The Grand Exchange commodity consignment system (G.E, Chinese name translation is different, there are several methods: sale, trade, commodity trading, trading banks etc.).

The Grand Exchange is a game of useful independent trading system, members and non-members can be used, the focus is it connected with all of the server, you can also deal with tens of thousands of people. Runescape Gold.This system is similar to stock trading entwist system, both parties need not meet, all transactions are done automatically, commodity price fluctuations with the city, once the deal, can't take it back.

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