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Part two of the skill of RuneScape

Posted on June 6 2013 in Runescape Gold, Buy Runescape Gold

Magic (Magic), other more advanced magic can be open when you reached a certain level, but the using of magic will consume player's runes, this technique can also be improved to enhance the low-level magic attack power、criterion, in other words, the higher the RuneScape skill level of magic it is, lower-level magic attacks are more easy to hit the enemy and cause more serious injury. Buy Runescape Gold.Magic skills are not just for fighting, the higher magic can also be alchemical magic, magic instant transfer and injection and so on. With bows and arrows, Use the magic runes will not get back, so the magic is believed to be more expensive skills.

Prayer (Prayer), also translated worship, other more advanced technologies can be open to the prayers when you reach a certain level, to gain an advantage in the battle, but it will consume points. For example, from thick skin surgery (Thick Skin, an increase of 5% of the defense force), ability to think clearly (Clarity of Thought, an increase of 5% attack accuracy), as well as goods protection (Protect Item), steel skin surgery (Steel Skin, an increase of 15% of the defense force), Ultimate strength (Ultimate Strength, an increase of 15% ATK), melee protection (Protect from Melee, completely ignoring from the monster's melee physical attack and reduce player damage), etc., the more advanced the prayer technique points consumed faster.

The easiest technique to enhance the prayer experience way is to bury their bones after the enemy, but the experience gained in this way the value of very little.Runescape Gold.If you get experience points faster than that, you can use (use) the bones of the house belonging to the player inside the gilded altar, while lit burner. In this way you can get 3. 5 times the experience.

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