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RS is very popular in the world particularly in U.S. and UK

Posted on March 29 2013

Accommodate up to 2,000 players each server, and all server a total capacity of more than 300,000 Runescape Gold players. The server can be separated in two categories: free and paid membership, free server is available for free and paying members, paying members server only paying members can login.

In a diverse group dispersed in 150 countries, RuneScape plot must meet the needs of the majority of players. "Our game's success in large part because can be quickly accepted, Osborne said," there is no difference between our story plot, because we are planning is to the majority of players.

Jagex introduced a new regulation prohibiting these players use the program to stop advertising Runescape Gold.We do not plan to put together the story of the plot or any game content for gender or age," he said, "In this way, cultural or historical identity is kept at the lowest limits of our story often relying on the successful prototype myth, our sense of humor-oriented way of thinking globally and Pixar animated film.

RuneScape chat system allow players to communicate with each other. Public chat that allows players to speak in any one place in the game, and let others see; private chat one-on-one dialogue; chat rooms allow a group of players regardless of any place in the game, can see in the choice of the chat channels dialogue of others and their own words.

Everyone has a chat room channels and chat channels have an administrator, that is their own channel. The administrator can choose their own chat rooms openness. Can set different participant groups of users, different user groups have different duties or options, for example, the user group can be to speak, to force a participant to leave.Buy Runescape Gold.

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