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RS3 shifting from Java to a whole new HTML5 and WebGL system

Posted on April 12 2013

It was decleared that the new attention of Runescape 3 has been paid on the game shifting from Java to a whole new HTML5 and WebGL system. Although the style of the game would be preserved as the same, it is assumed that players will have different visual experience. The announcement on the Runescape site about the launching of a beta programme for the purpose of getting players involved from RuneScape Gold.

This is how players could get a preview of two main components and provide feedback to facilitate the official release. The openning of the initial Runescape 3 Beta registration will be April 3rd until the 10th.
A beta of the new HTML5 client will be adopted on existing servers. In this way, clients are allowed not only to experience the new system but also keep earning XP. Then the alpha version will be publicly released on April 24th.

It is the interface system which is new and customisable. There will be dedicated host servers for this system which do not need your account. However, it does not mean there is no need for you to check it. It would be a pity if you are not a paying member since the beta only give access to those players. It would be worth paying £4.95 to have the access to this amazing beta.Buy Runescape Gold.Sometimes, the old version could be the classic. As far as the Jagex learned, there will be a time that a touch of nostalgia need to be brought on the pure previous servers.

Another concern is the determination of the exact mix of different servers. It is announced that the makeup of the returning servers depends on the voting results. The benefit for the voters is one month free on the throwback server. The estimated time priod of a live forum is 3 p.m. on Wednesday. It is hosted to allow more forum thread from players.

Improvements towards the expection of players could be made by developers gradually. It is very considerate for Jagex to allow players take participate in the process of early access lauching. Buy Runescape Gold.The voting period which was established by this firm is very prevalent among players due to the respect that players received.

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