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RuneScape members can decided the fate of the old school server

Posted on March 25 2013

So, just like the vote Wildy and free trade, see the return of the 1.4 million votes surprising, we will run a similar survey, and let you - our valued members - decided the fate of the old school RuneScape because you are directly funding the continued development of the game and ancillary services. decision - along with the level of RuneScape Gold, investment, and any potential additional costs of the service - is true to you to decide.

However, any further resources into this project, we need to accurately measure your support, and to understand how many of you are really behind the "old school RuneScape, because it is in the August 2007 level and therefore , we will create a poll for the players to show their interest in the service in 2007.

But before you get into the details, I have one thing to pay attention, this is very important. If the idea is to gather enough Runescape Gold, then we do not need to take our talent away from all the exciting updates implemented in the current version of the game, because we will be able to hire a new panel, the specific work of this project .

Version of your choice, or playing games, we prove our commitment to listen to and - as far as possible - your feedback. In the long term, we hope that this project will bring many of the old players, and may encourage new players to join. They will be able to relive the experience of the old game to their heart's content - if they choose to Buy Runescape Gold so - and may even join the main game.

In the next few months and years that followed, we have a growing a lot of exciting content waiting to be deployed to the evolution of the combat, whether to restore the old server.

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