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Runescape version

Posted on September 26 2013 in runescape gold

Thought I'd pop into HTML5 to see if there was anything new. Saw a new version was put out on Tuesday. Wow! No more grainy pixilated graphics. It looks amazing! Keep up the great work!

I've since noticed some bizarre graphical issues near the Canifis Divination area, with blue areas showing up on the 3 rocks to the west, the Slayer Tower, the 'monastary' to the west. And the roofs in far off Canifis get yellow bars on them. It's happened twice for me today, and I don't know why. I even tried deleting my Chrome cache and reloading the game, but it still ended up happening eventually.

Otherwise, I have no complaints. But I've not wandered far from here yet.

Oh, beside that the better graphics options reset to low if you log out. Also issues with the audio settings not staying as you've set them.

Oh, and the minimap at the G.E. is still messed up.

Colifin, I have CCC Gaming - 3D Application Settings setup as such. I find it works great for the Client version. I haven't fiddled with it recently, but months ago changing the CCC settings had no effect on the HTML5 version. Maybe it does now? Your CCC setting may appear different, depending on your graphics card. I know the Anti Aliasing stuff doesn't override in the HTML5, as having it turned on or off within the game makes a noticeable difference. Runescape Gold Maybe some of the other settings will help you out.

AA mode - override
AA Samples - 24x
Filter - edgedetect
AA Method - Supersampling
Morf - Off

Anisotropic - Override
Anis. Filtering Level - 16x
Quality - High
Surface Format - On

Wait for vertical refresh - Off, unless application specifies
OpenGL triple buffering - Off

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