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Difficult enemies keep the weapons needed to begin a breakthrough or transformation

Posted on January 18 2016 in gaming

Difficult enemies keep the weapons needed to begin a breakthrough or transformation, and the rare reagents can generally be found Cheap BNS Gold through repeatable quests within certain areas of the world. In addition to your weapon, your path will also...

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The Four Guardians

Posted on January 16 2016 in gaming

Over a thousand years ago from this present day, the Naryu Empire stood as the ruling power in the entire world. Drawing upon the mystical natural resource of Soulstones from within the earth itself, the Naryu created technological wonders that vaulted...

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Founder’s Pack Last Chance

Posted on January 15 2016 in gaming

You only have a few days left to get exclusive rewards before they’re gone forever.You can increase your BNS Power leveling by surfing more information. It’s your last few days to secure a Founder’s Pack and their exclusive bonuses and rewards before...

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Concept Art, Comic-Con 2010

Posted on January 14 2016 in gaming

So, Team Bloodlust was kind enough to drop off some concept art for us today! Some of you may have already seen it posted on MMOSite. The translation seemed a little lackluster over there, so Yuan took the liberty of translating the original article in...

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You Can Download Blade & Soul’s Launch Client Now

Posted on January 13 2016 in gaming

NCsoft has released Blade & Soul's final launch client for players to download athough they won’t be able to play until at least January 15. You can find the download link at the official site here. If you have purchased Founder’s Pack you can play the...

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