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In order to ensure that the following changes are well integrated into existing games - especially

Posted on April 1 2013

In order to ensure that the following changes are well integrated into existing games - especially the upcoming Kalphite king - we do not release him just yet. The Kalphite king update occurred in the 14th, while these changes, make sure it's a good balance - not to mention the brutally challenging - to fight the boss, Buy Runescape Gold,you should get.

Switch to the offensive capability of the high-level boss
I mentioned in the last Runescape money blog, we have already noted, some of the more profitable bosses a lower level of the players were killed in the game than we had originally planned to use lower level gear than our previous forecast 's. To solve this problem, we will attack these NPC significant raise, which means a higher level and better equipment will need to make effective use of these opponents. Biological affected will include the God Wars boss and the flesh beast, to name a few.

Exponential curve will now draw the defense value of the armor, rather than a linear. At a high level, the difference between continuous armor pieces will be greater, therefore, in the battle made a more significant difference.Runescape Gold.It will also better meet XP requires progress through these higher-level rise curve in his own way, the highest level combat gear 99!

Strength lifting and setting effect
We will increase the power of individuals to enhance all Torva, the Quansheng archaea, and VIRTUS gear, and some other projects, such as Bandos armor. 'NEX gear will also have an additional strength bonus in the form of a group effect. The three changes will mean a higher level of combat gear and higher level, and will need to beat strong opponents of the NPC.

The ability of the therapeutic effect
We are reducing the effectiveness of the regeneration and revitalization of capacity. We note that, taking into account the food less fighting than before, because these capabilities healing values ??are stronger than we expected. To solve this problem,Buy Runescape Gold.we will increase the cooling time of 5 minutes (makes it rare, emergency healing), and a 20% reduction of the effect. Regenerative capacity of revitalization. - And with defensive armor, boss, and to enhance the strength of the change - will mean in the battle, will need more food. This is in order to stabilize the value of these projects for GE in the short term, in the long-term increase in their value.

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