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Posted on January 14 2016

The Big 4 dungeons are four end game dungeons which need to be completed in order to flag for Pohwaran (aka Poh). Poh is not playable during the current beta but will be implemented into the game on official launch (19th January 2016). They consist of the following dungeons:

The Skittering Tunnels (Dokumo the Spider Queen)
The Hall of Ogong (Ape King Ogong)
The Brightstone Ruins (Azure & Emerald Cores)
The Pigsty (Hogdonny)
This guide will focus on The Pigsty. The Pigsty is located in the Moonwater plains zone, more specifically, the Hogshead Pastures. Check out the map below for more info.

First off there are 2 entrances to this dungeon. The ‘main’ entrance which can be found in the village itself and the ‘back entrance’ which can be found west of the village. I have marked both on the map above.

You should only use the main entrance if you want complete one of the extra quests that can be done in the dungeon. If you are just looking for a quick completion, use the back entrance.

Once you enter the dungeon using the back entrance, simply follow the path until you reach the first open area and you will meet the first mini boss. There are no mobs to fight along the way.

Your surroundings matter in this fight. Once you enter the room if you look to your right (if you used the back entrance) you will see the boss along with 2 big mushrooms. You do not want to fight or take the boss near them mushrooms at any point.

If you look to your left you will see a giant hand statue. You can fight the boss on either side of that statue and should be fine.

There are 2 important things that happen during this fight that you must be aware of:

When he loses about 1/4 of his health bar he will spawn 2 summoner type mobs. It is recommended that you kill these ASAP because they can be very annoying.
A short while after that he will spawn small mushrooms throughout the whole room which eventually turn into poison clouds. You cannot destroy these small mushrooms, instead a large mushroom will spawn somewhere along the side of the room that you are fighting on (Don’t confuse this with the 2 mushrooms on the other side of the room) You need to kill this mushroom and only then will the small mushrooms disappear. If you do not do this, all the small mushrooms will turn into poison clouds.
Other than these 2 things, the boss himself is not hard at all, he has a few attacks and all of these can be dodged/blocked/avoided fairly easily.

Once all your group is gathered near the statue, get your tank to engage the boss from range. Throw something at him and make him come to you.

His attacks include:

A leap and squash attack.
180° AOE club attack (or whatever he has in his hand)
180° AOE club attack (2 hit attack)
360° AOE spinning attack.
Frontal club attack (Narrow but extends far)
After he’s dead, follow the path around to your left and you will eventually reach the main boss. There will be a few trash mobs to kill along the way.
As with the previous boss, there are 2 important things that happen during this fight that you must be aware of:

Trash mobs will spawn throughout the fight. The first one spawns when Hogdonny has lost about 1/4 of is hp. It is recommended that you kill these.
When he hits around 50% HP, he will begin spawning poison clouds where ever he is standing. To limit the poison clouds radius (as he will spawn a couple), try not to move around as much. That being said, we recommend extinguishing each cloud as it pops up. To do this, use one of the flamethrowers provided in the room.
If you can deal with the 2 points above, killing the main boss should be fairly straight forward.

Before I finish up, I will go over his attacks.

Standard club attacks.
90° attack with his club (this attack is a 4 hit combo)
180° attack with his club. (just 1 hit)
360° AOE spinning attack with his club.
Ranged attack (he will throw explosives at you if you has is aggro and are far away from him)
For loot, you can get items like Moonwater tears, Moonwater refining stones, Razortusk weapons and Hogdonny defense soul shields. You can also get items used for appearance changes such as the sunflower phantom axe, bangle etc.

If you’re doing the quest for the first time of the day, don’t forget to pick up the ‘daily quest‘ from the quest giver.

Here is a video of me doing The Pigsty on my Blademaster.
The Pigsty

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Thank you.

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